Should You Choose A German Shepherd Dog?

The German Shepherd dog is one that is on the larger size of the medium size dog scale. They are a breed that is relatively new on the dog scene since they originally appeared on the scene back in 1899. These wonderful animals found their place in the working dog group category to begin with, but later began to be used as herding dogs because they have a natural tendency for this trait.

This breed is so versatile that they excel no matter what types of jobs they are asked to perform. Their natural desire toward obedience, intelligence and strength along with their desire to please makes them highly sought after throughout the world for a variety of different working jobs. Some of the work they are selected to do includes personal protection, sporting and service work, search and rescue along with military and police work. These amazing animals are the second most popular dog in the USA.

Most people do not understand that there are a few different types of German Shepherds each with its own suitability for specific jobs. For instance, certain types are more suited as household pets while others are happier in herding positions. When selecting a member of this breed, it is important to obtain a better understanding of each type to avoid troubles after bringing one home.

Breeders and organizations around the world have their own set of standards when it comes to maintaining the type of German Shepherd that holds their interest. For more information about this breed, you may be interested in reviewing the standards set forth by the American Kennel Club or the Canadian Kennel Club.

Additionally, there are a variety of patterns and colors when it comes to German Shepherd dog coats. Even the length of the coat can vary among pure bred dogs. It is interesting to note that some breeders and organizations do not find some of these colors or patterns to be desirable.

One of the most striking qualities of the German Shepherd, when they are properly bred, is that they have a firmness when it comes to their nerves, they are attentive enough to be great watchdogs, are unshakable so that they remain on task, and are reliable enough to resist corruption. Their tenacity and watchfulness combined with demonstrated courage and fighting spirit make them the ideal choice in many situations.

The more you know about them the better off you are when you decide to bring one home.