A Little Information About The German Shepherd

A German Shepherd dog is part of a popular breed of pets. It is intelligent, loyal, and beautiful with a noble appearance. All one has to do is take one look at one, with its ears always erect and eyes that pay attention to understand that they are alert and on guard. Although they are easy to train, just like an intelligent child though this breed will test its owner’s willingness to remain the one in charge.

As with other breeds, the German Shepherd will step up and become the alpha member of the pack unless his human partner effectively takes that position. For that reason, dog owners must consistently show the animal who is boss. The best way to do that is to make wise decisions for everyone in the home that make them feel comfortable and cared for.

Because of its high level of intelligence, size, good temperament, loyalty, endurance and endurance, this breed is often used by law enforcement to help apprehend, contain and control criminals. Known as K9 units here in the United States, Police Dogs have gained a high level of respect for the work they do while giving aid to their uniformed partners. Some people automatically use the term Police Dog whenever they see this noble canines.

In addition to the work they do with law enforcement, German Shepherd dogs have become renowned as protectors. The term often used for the type of training used to help them develop the traits that make them good at this job is Schulzhund which is a German word for ‘protection dog’. This training program was originally developed to help determine if the individual dogs still possessed the intelligence, courage, desire to work hard, obedience, protective instinct, perseverance and ability to bond strongly with its handler in accordance with its breeding.

Along with being exceptional partners in law enforcement, this special breed is also a great choice for anyone seeking help from a Seeing Eye dog. Their tenacious attitude also makes them particularly suitable for search and rescue work whether it is within the police department or with another organization.

Something that many people do not know about this breed is that they excel as herding dog. It is this instinctual quality that makes them a great choice for anyone interested in having a family pet that is loyal with the inherent ability to serve as a watchdog at the same time.