Black German Shepherd: Reasons For Investing In Dog As Pets

The black german shepherd is a very eye catching breed of a dog that is not only energetic but also very intelligent. The name comes from the fact that the dogs are born completely black and in some cases, they may spot more hair than the usual German shepherd.


For a dog to have a litter of the black breed of German shepherds, both of the puppy’s parents must possess the black recessive gene in their DNA so that they can end up getting black puppies. The puppies are usually born with a variety of colors that may range from black, grey or even white. However, as they grow, their color may change – laikrodziai pigiau. One should therefore, waif for about 8 weeks to select the breed after the color changes have already occurred in the puppies.


Just like the normal German shepherd, the black German shepherds are prone to some health complications and diseases and therefore, require good medical care from a qualified vet doctor. Health complications that may arise include hip dysplasia, heart disease, spinal disease, eye and digestive problems, allergies, and even cancer. The dogs become more vulnerable to these complications as they age, with old dogs experiencing most of them.

Finding a reputable breeder

The choice of a good breeder determines the quality of the dog you will get. Good breeders usually have a comprehensive medical history of the dog you will buy, as well as that of the parents. They are also involved in the breeding process. This ensures that the puppy will have the best genes. Always cross check the breeders with the relevant authorities to ensure they have all the necessary qualifications, and have a valid practicing certificate.


Though not very aggressive, the black German shepherds may take time to feel comfortable around people, and even make friends. However, once they do, they are usually very friendly and can provide a very good companion. The dogs are very good with children and are usually very gentle with them. They also get along well with other household pets such as cats and other fellow dogs.

Living environment

The dogs are flexible and are comfortable living both indoors and outdoors. People however, have to create a balance in their daily routine. The dogs need attention from the owner and one should allocate time, take them for a walk, and even play with them. This not only reduces boredom but also ensures that they remain physically fit and happy. In case owners are at work, they may consider leaving the dog in a doggy day care.

Grooming and general care

The hair of such dog usually requires minimal grooming. Ensuring the dog takes a bath is very important, as it will ensure your dog’s skin remains free from pests. Owners should also facilitate and ensure their dogs get all the necessary vaccinations, and in case of any health complications, seek medical attention immediately.


With the right care, a black german shepherd is a dog that will definitely provide a worthy companion for both you and your family, and give you that satisfactory feeling of owning a pet. The dogs are fit for protection. You can count on them for security purposes.